El- Massria Integrated Schools

Graduation Requirements

EIS requires a minimum of 24 High School units of credit, taken over eight semesters in Grades 9 through to 12 inclusively to graduate.

The courses listed below are required to achieve graduation at High School level.  A class which meets the equivalent of five periods per week for one academic school year earns one credit point.

The minimum requirement for graduation is a (C) average (2.00 GPA) overall.

Required Courses
Students must complete the following courses successfully to graduate:

Course Requirements
English 4 credits
Mathematics 4 credits
Science 4 credits
Social Studies 4 credits
Physical Education / Health 1 credit
Art / Music 1 credit
Language 4 credits
Technology* 2 credit
Electives 5 - 6 credits

* Please note that Grade 9 students who register in 2010 (2014 graduates) must have successfully completed at least one credit in a Technology course to graduate.

At the successful completion of the above, graduating students will receive an American High School Diploma.

American High School Diploma University Entry Requirements State Universities
Note: Entrance Requirements to private universities such as GUC and MSA follow the same guidelines as state universities. Requirements for AUC vary slightly from other universities. Please see your counselor for more details.

SAT Regulations: All students entering university on or after Fall must receive a score of at least 1200 out of 2400 on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT I). For purposes of university entrance calculations, the average of the Critical Reading and the Writing section is taken and added to the Mathematical Reasoning section. The entrance average is then calculated out of a maximum test score of 1600 (as per the ‘old’ SAT I). Students may select their highest scores from any sitting of the test. Critical Reading and Writing must come from the same test sitting.

SAT II Regulations: Students must obtain a score of 1100 for both subjects combined out of 1600 on up to 2 SAT II Subject Tests in the requisite subjects (dependent upon faculty applying to).

Universities will calculate entrance averages according to the following:

  • 40% from school awarded grades in 8 subjects
  • 60% from SAT scores
  • Additional 15% for SAT 2 scores where required.

Students must complete at least 3 years of the American High School Program in order to gain entry to university.

Please be advised that university entrance requirements are different from Dover American International School graduation requirements. Students must complete school graduation requirements in order to receive their diploma and transcripts which are necessary for university applications.

Subject Selection: Students must submit 8 full academic credits from Grade 11 and Grade 12 for entrance to universities in Egypt. A maximum of 3 of these credits can come from courses taken in Grade 11; the remainder must come from courses taken in Grade 12.

Students may opt to submit more than one English credit, however, they must be different English credits taken in different years. For example, a student may submit his English Language grade from Grade 11 and English Literature grade from Grade 12. He/she cannot submit English Language from Grade 11 and English Language from Grade 12.

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