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Field Trips

Educational field trips are defined as any travel away from the school site.  Field trips are sponsored by the school for the purpose of enhancing learning.

Transportation costs for field trips within a 25 kilometer radius of Cairo are the school's responsibility.  Costs for approved trips outside the radius limit are the responsibility of the students and parents.

Field trips will not be approved during the first three weeks of school or the last four weeks of the school year.  Field trips must be chaperoned by the student's teacher or a designated sponsor with a minimum of one sponsor for each 10 students.

Students are reminded that when on a field trip, the school's policies and rules govern student behavior.  In addition, when taking a field trip, students are required to wear the official school uniform unless given permission not to do so by the Stage Principal and / or Stage Supervisor.

Specific responsibilities of students participating in overnight school trips will be provided to students and parents prior to the trip.

Activities which require fund raising are to be screened by the school administration to maintain a reasonable balance of time spent by faculty and students on these types of functions.

Student Responsibilities
The following outlines our student's responsibilities while attending field trips:

  • Students are required to wear their uniform unless given Permission not to do so by the head chaperone.
  • When working independently or during free time, students must be in groups of at least two students.
  • During overnight trips, no male student may enter a female student's room and no female may enter a male Studentís room.
  • The curfew time will be set by the lead chaperone and is not open to negotiation.
  • The curfew will fall no earlier than 10 pm and no later than 12 midnight.
  • Students must be in their own rooms at curfew time and no student will be allowed to leave their assigned room after curfew without a teacher's permission.
  • The head chaperone may set additional rules and regulations to address the idiosyncrasies of specific trips or locations.  Students must comply with these rules and regulations. Students may appeal the decision of the chaperone upon return to school.  Appeals must be addressed in writing to the Principal.
  • Students must return the field trip permission form, signed by their parent or guardian, or they will not be allowed to participate in the trip.
  • Students participating in a field trip are expected to be in full attendance on the school day following the trip. Failure to do so may result in being declared ineligible to participate in future field trips.
  • Students must travel both to and from the field trip location under the supervision of a chaperone. Requests to do otherwise will only be considered if they are given in writing to the Principal, signed by a parent, at least one day prior to the beginning of the field trip.  A chaperone will confirm these arrangements with the parent in person or by telephone.
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